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The Nigeria Open Heart Surgery Registry was formally created at the 49th Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Cardiac Society (NCS) in September 2020. It is also supported by the Association of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons of Nigeria (ACTSON).

Open-Heart Surgery in Nigeria  started in 1974 and growth has been seen in various Institutions in the public and private sector. The activity has been driven by various models, including visiting humanitarian cardiac teams, investment in training and private enterprise. In the early years most operations were done by visiting teams but there has now been a paradigm shift and most operations are now done by resident teams.

Various institutions decided to commence online contribution of simple data to build up a Cardiac Registry to create an evidence base for practice. Data contribution is voluntary and it is anticipated that more institutions will contribute over time to make the Registry even more robust.

At present the data points captured are the following; Age, Sex, Institution, Primary Diagnosis, Secondary Diagnosis, Euroscore II, Operation, Valve Type (if applicable), Cardiopulmonary Bypass time, Cross clamp time, Morbidity, Outcome. By limiting the data points collected this allows for quick data input from mobile devices or computers. The only requirement is internet access which has improved significantly in Nigeria. Data collection is therefore real time, though historical data since 2004 has been uploaded.

We are grateful to all the members of the NCS and ACTSON, without whom there would be no activity or data.

This Registry is currently sponsored by an educational Grant from CardioStart International and Edwards LifeScience.

Financial support and contributions are welcome to continue to promote and sustain the growth of the Nigeria Heart Registry.

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